Even before we saw the programme by Sir David Attenborough about plastic waste, we were concerned about the amount of it our bouquets might be using.

So we have been researching ways we can reduce our use of plastics in bouquets and arrangements.

In an ideal world we would just stop using plastic wrapping on all bouquets and deliver them wrapped in paper, fabric or tissue and in a waterproof container. However there are times when it is necessary to have a waterproof wrapping so we can't give up on plastic wrap immediately.

We discovered some biodegradable cellophane which we use alongside the latest biodegradable floral foam, waxed papers, and fabric wraps.

For many years flower arrangements in containers and baskets were popular but as we became an increasingly throwaway society they were deemed  "old fashioned" and many people found they had too many baskets and containers cluttering up their homes (and sheds)!

Now we are offering a deposit scheme on the vases/containers* our flowers are supplied in,  so that once it is no longer required it can be returned to us for a discount on another bunch, bouquet or plant.

This means whenever you are choosing  a gift of flowers or plants you can consider the planet and find something in our selection that won't make the plastic situation any worse!