Gifts to add to your Flowers

We have lots of additonal ideas to help make any occasion special.

If its a birthday bouquet we tie it with ribbon saying "Happy Birthday" or if its a special birthday we can add ribbon saying "Happy 30th" or "Happy 80th".

If you'd like us to deliver a helium filled balloon along with the flowers we can do that for you, we have lots of different birthday balloons and some with an age on too from 1 - 100years!

We've got beautiful wooden birthday cake decorations too with various ages available. You can choose from generic birthday bunting banner, pirates or sailing boats.

Baby welcomes are such a joyous occasion and for a first baby its easy to send an arrangement with a soft toy included.

When the new arrival already has a sibling or two its often a good idea to send a balloon (or two) as entertainment for the older sibling(s).

 For Christenings you could add one or two tiny pewter charms which we'll supply in a tiny gift bag, maybe an Angel, heart or word.

When it comes to weddings we have lots of small items to add to your flowers, from little wooden signs saying "Mr. & Mrs" or "Just Married" to keepsake boxes, Guest books and lots of porcelain hearts with mottos.

For special wedding Anniversaries we have helium filled balloons with the appropriate messages for Silver, Ruby, Golden and Diamond.