Wedding flowers by Brambles Floristry


You may have dreamed about your wedding, planned it for years and have very specific ideas of what it will look like.

For other people its been a whirlwind romance and they need to get everything sorted out within a few weeks. Weddings come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colour schemes!

With over twenty years of experience behind us we know lots about wedding flowers, the best varieties, the traditions and the best way to achieve the required effects. That doesn't mean we are old fashioned though, we like to keep up with the trends, are always interested in new ideas and enjoy experimenting.

We don't allow a restricted budget to limit  our creativity and always endeavour to create designs  to co-ordinate and compliment the theme for your big day. Your bouquet should be the most perfect accessory for your gown, so start looking at styles and colours as soon as you've ordered your dress.

Are your bridesmaidsare wearing plain satin, patterned cotton or silk chiffon? Whichever it is  we can work out the best accessories with you. Little flower girls, pageboys, three Best Men, no problem!

When it comes to venure decor and table centres, if you want to do some of the arranging with friends and family involved we can supply the flowers and a design sheet so you can enjoy doing it yourselves!




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