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Pink and white based Wreath

Product Description

This very traditional tribute makes a very simple and effective way of carrying your final message.

By massing simple white double chrysanthemums as a base it allows a spray of any colour to create focal point. Here you can choose your loved ones favourite colour or flower to make a statement and then add your message on a well chosen message card.

The syle can be adjusted if you wish to include an additional smaller spray or even two smaller sprays giving a balanced efffect. If you would prefer a more "eco-friendly" option we can use a bio-degradable base and use foliage for the edging rather than ribbon.

Some people like to add a small memento such as a brooch, cap badge, tiny figurine, soft toy or sporting accessory. All of these add to the very personal nature of the tribute.

SIZES:the version shown is the De Luxe option which comes out at around  35-38cm across.

The standard version is smaller at around 28 -30cm across. 

The Luxury version is the largest at around 50 - 60cm in diameter.

Don't forget to think about the message you want to include with the tribute. Whilst you could put something as simple as Rest in peace,  you might want to add a particular memory or pastime shared

Pink and white based Wreath

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