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For those who love a classic green and white display bouquet this is the one.

Whilst you may want just white Oriental Lilies with green foliage, we would suggest adding some other whites and greens to complement the look.

Lilies last a long time, sometimes taking up to a week before they open up.

Whilst we always try to include an open Lily there is no way to speed up the process so its always useful to include some interesting foliage and a few other white flowers.

We might add in some white Alstromeria, white Aster, white Antirrhinum, white Lisianthus or white

Statice, Greenery can include a range of foliages but additionally green Viburnum or Hypericum add another texture.

As Lilies tend to be Long Stemmed, we hand-tie and aqua-pack them with the stems left long so that the recipient can cut the stems themselves to suit their own particular vase.



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