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Valentines Day Bouquet COLLECTION ONLY

Product Description

Here's the thing, not a lot of people know that lots of women DO NOT want a bunch of red roses!

This rather tired cliche has been kicking around for years, it's been exported all around the world which pushes the price of red roses up for everyone.

Ideally choose what she really likes, it might be white, pink or yellow Roses or scented Lilies, Freesias, Lisianthus, Tulips or Gerberas.

Whatever it is, we'll make up a lovely bouquet, wrap it creatively  so that when you give it to her she feels special, like you've listened to what she said.

(Of course there are some ladies who love red roses and so we are happy to make them up into a bouquet for them).

If you really have no ideas, then leave it to us and we'll make up something super which should get you in the good books.

Valentines Day Bouquet COLLECTION ONLY

1. Choose price and size
2. What is the occasion?
3. What message would you like in the card?
Cards Accepted